Scenes from the first week of March

The first third of this month has flown by, especially because of our fun trip to Milwaukee for Monica and Jeff’s baby shower. Since Jax and I left Seth behind for that weekend, last Tuesday we had a family swim night as a special treat.

Since the pool is on the way to the best Chinese food we can find up here (we still miss Chinatown), and since Asian cuisine of any sort is always a huge hit with the whole family, we headed to the Oriental Diner after 45 minutes of chasing each other around the kiddie pool.

Jax just can’t get enough of the lo mein and the moo shu chicken!

Jax loved playing the piano at Grandma Barb + Grandpa Chuck’s house.

…and riding on the rocking horse my dad built for us when we were kids.

We had lunch last Thursday with Aunt Laura, followed by a trip to the salon for new haircuts.

The excitement of it all!

He’s still perfecting the pouring technique. Here, pouring oatmeal with Auntie Grace.

At the baby shower: the parents-to-be!

Here’s a special shout-out to my faithful blog readers Laura, Lynda, and Alyssa. So fun seeing you!

On Sunday we went straight from Laguardia Airport to a wedding in Long Island. Here’s our favorite 17-month old in his Sunday best:

And now my computer is telling me it is somehow Thursday already. Whaaa? Hope everyone is having a great week and keeping up with things better than I have been!

2 thoughts on “Scenes from the first week of March

  1. Whoa! My snapshot made it on my favorite blog! It was great seeing you and Jax last weekend. I hope that we’ll have another Milwaukee reunion sometime this summer.

    Your #1 URL stalker,


  2. Haha! I appreciate the shout-out and love the pictures!

    It was so fun seeing you twice in one month, even though we had to hunker down indoors in Boston due to the weather….


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