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Decorate me!

We have some decorating to do in the living room, and I thought taking a close look at our rug would be a good place to start. Since it was quite an investment (hand-woven in wool and silk) and we really love the floral pattern ?? and the fact that there is not a very clear center to the design, so placement isn’t so important ?? it’s a logical point of departure.

The Color Palette Generator {via Sweet Jessie} has been a fun tool in this project. Here’s what the above photo yielded:

That’s a lot of orange {because of the photo quality}, but the peaches and pinks are pretty close to life. I thought I could get a more “real” representation of the colors in it with some closer shots:

This is more like it!

Finally, I wanted to bring out what appears to be a light blue in some of the flowers, but the color seems to be coming up as a gray. When I look at the rug up close in person, the software indeed didn’t lie: definitely more gray than blue.

Of course, the carpet is not the be-all-end-all of the color possibilities. In fact, I’d rather steer away from the too matchy-matchy tendency that could make our room look old and fussy and predictable. I think I may throw in a light aqua color, which I hope will make the space seem more bright and creative if done right. My first project is going to repaint an awesome buffet/dresser that I found in the trash just down the street – perhaps in a distressed aqua finish. Or maybe gray?

There is also the question of what color to paint the walls, since the room needs a paint job anyway.

We are definitely in the market for a couch for the living room. I’ve been impressed with the quality and prices of Room & Board‘s sofas. Custom made in the U.S.A., with seemingly endless fabric choices…

The Hutton Sofa in Vance Fabric, Cloud color, would work very well and maybe add more of a modern touch to the room’s style.

These are two chairs we already have in the living room, which we definitely love but could easily lead us down a too-traditional path. We love the classic French lines, but some modern accent pillows could spruce things up. The color on the left is sort of a dark eggplant, with a cool darker finish on the wood. If I were really adventurous, I’d reupholster the ivory chair in a modern fabric and add a new finish to the wood to make it pop. For now, you really can’t go wrong with neutrals.

The color palette generator is definitely a useful guide for accent fabrics. We need to come up with a few contrasting fabrics and patterns for pillows and perhaps some window treatments as well. A quick look at Calico Corners yielded some fun patterns I think could work, at really affordable prices, too.

Some neutrals:


Pinks and Reds:

Some of the floral patterns may conflict too much with the rug, but I think the over-sized ones would make a nice accent. As long as it’s just pillows, a bright pattern can work well. Isn’t that coral pattern cool? If we’re thinking about curtains (and the room could probably use more window insulation help), I would have to look to the neutrals and figure out which would best complement the rest of the room and keep it feeling airy.

Anyway, it’s just some brainstorming to give our living room more color and style. This post has sort of been an idea board to plan it out. We’ll see where the project takes us over the next few months!

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