May Festivities

May has always been special to me, since my birthday is the 13th. But now with Mother’s Day as well, I have another great excuse to celebrate spring! What have we been up to?

Playing soccer in the backyard:

One Saturday, while the boys did this:

I did this:

These table linens were embroidered by my great-grandmother. My aunt Diane gave them to me on our last trip out to California. That table cloth in the back was Seth’s grandmother’s. I was able to get them looking crisp and new by pre-treating decades-old stains with OxyClean and then drenching them in sunshine after washing. These are so special to me, and I’m glad they add a touch of history and elegance to our meals today!

A tag sale benefiting the local historical society was held almost literally in our backyard, at our neighbor’s. Knowing the neighbors and having seen their awesome 1920s house, I knew the stuff would be good. As predicted, I came away with many treasures, including this 22-carat-gold-plated china set made by Limoges USA (I know, American Limoges?!), from the 1920s:

I’m almost embarrassed to say how much I paid:  it would have cost more to see a movie in New York City.

I also picked up the most cheerful vintage recipe box:

and a pretty bowl, which I assume to be crystal because it weighs four tons:

Ah. I live for tag sale season.

Jax grew me a Mother’s Day gift at preschool:

He loves watering it and sometimes dumping out the excess water when it gets a little full.

Jax helped Seth mow the lawn on the morning of Mother’s Day:

For lunch that day we treated ourselves to delicious Mexican food. The table-side guacamole preparation was captivating:

While not a huge fan of the taste of guacamole, Jax did enjoy the cheese quesadillas and refried beans:

A big, quesadilla-filled smile!

For dinner that evening, we used one of my great-grandmother’s white tablecloths:

Seth gave me the beautiful rose plant I’ll be enjoying for months. It has since sprouted even more blooms.

Jax helped me open my Mother’s Day gift, a necklace with a charm that says “jax”:

Last weekend we used my birthday as an excuse to get together a bunch of local families with Jax-aged kids we’ve come to know. We had a picnic that lasted something like five hours, with friends coming and going all afternoon. It was great!

I have been so spoiled for my birthday and received many wonderful gifts that I so much appreciate. I now have Martha Stewart’s Craft encyclopedia and some great movies I’ve been meaning to watch and now can. There are also new treats from France and some fun new accessories I’ll be enjoying well beyond my birthday. So sweet!

My present to myself was finishing the last chapter of my dissertation.  Now on to a summer of editing and rewriting, interspersed with many more picnics and some short trips to see friends and family. Happy times!

4 thoughts on “May Festivities

  1. Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day! Looks like you’ve had so much fun and I’m impressed with your tag sale finds!

  2. Looks like a great trip! I’ve been wanting to visit the keys. I am so jealous of your finds! I LOVE the plate set!!

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