Memorial Day Weekend: Baby Animals Day at Muscoot Farm

For weeks I had my calendar marked on May 30th: Baby Animals Day! I couldn’t let Jax miss the excitement of good ol’ farm-themed fun. Plus, the visit is entirely free and is about 15 minutes away. He and I went with our friend Amanda and her now 4-month-old. While still too young to make all the animal sounds, I think the baby found the surroundings quite stimulating, especially the shady trees and the quite vocal cows!

In addition to a gathering of several historic farm buildings housing many animals, Muscoot Farm is also the site of a Sunday farmer’s market, so we hit that up first while the little ones napped. Then it was on to the stables and fields.

These lambs were only two weeks old.

Still too tired to check out the Jacob sheep.

When Jax woke from his nap he was delighted to discover himself surrounded by cows.

But he was quite apprehensive about petting the chick and kept a safe distance.

He wouldn’t get any closer to the duckling, either.

The  chicks were on the left and the ducklings on the right and he stood in this corner looking back and forth, pointing and saying “chicken, duck.”

And then, the mother of all farm birds: a gigantic turkey.

You can never stare at a tractor too long when you’ve only ever seen one in a book.

{Try to spot him pointing at the bottom of the video window.}

We saw cows get milked and remarked upon how the milking machines use the same mechanism as a human breast pump. I guess we’re all mammals.

We went back to look at the sheep and poney, which Jax had missed as he slept.

Jacob sheep, meet Jacob.

We went for a second round at the farmer’s market to pick up some dairy products and raisin bread. Jax tried the milk and bread immediately, but mostly had fun just ripping it apart.

Good-bye for now. We are sure to be back to watch the baby animals as they grow!

One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend: Baby Animals Day at Muscoot Farm

  1. Fun! Looks like a cool place. We’ll have to go there whenever we come to visit! I totally can relate to the milking machine. 🙂
    The Minnesota Zoo also has a baby animal celebration in the Spring. We were there just before Leif was born and they had baby cows, chicks, sheep, rabbits, etc. It will be fun to take Leif to that next year!

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