Flower Hair Clip Giveaway Winners

We have our winners!

Commenter #12, Mary, who thought “Carnival” would look cute on her granddaughter.

Commenter #10, Sara, who had many favorites, but particularly liked the country-looking flower prints that would match her wardrobe.

Commenter #3, Lucia, whose daughter has strawberry-themed outfits to match “Petite Fraise.”

I know I said there’d be three winners, but taking the above clips out of the pile still left me with more than I can use at the moment, so I doubled the fun and picked three more:

Commenter #4, Stacy, whose daughter will wear “La Vie en Rose Encore” for the 4th of July

Commenter #7, Emily, who picked one of my personal favorites, “Deauville” inspired by the beaches and umbrellas of that French city.

Commenter #5, Alyson, whose vintage style will soon be accessorized by “Vintage Floral” and “Belle Epoque.”

I’ll e-mail you for your mailing addresses. If you don’t hear from me before seeing this post, feel free to e-mail me at rachel (at) craftyrachel.com.

But wait! There’s more! Winners, let me know if you like any of the following new styles instead and I’m happy to send your new choice instead of the original one.

#11 + #12: Just Beachy, Big and Small

#13 + #14: Fête d’été, Big and Small

#15: Golden Girls

#16: Georgia

Thanks to all who commented. I appreciate the feedback! Happy weekend.

4 thoughts on “Flower Hair Clip Giveaway Winners

  1. Rachel, YOU ROCK! I cannot wait to send you pictures of G in your beautiful handiwork 🙂 And you made it so much harder now with the new gorgeous ones too!!!

    Looking forward to your email 🙂

  2. Thanks Rachel! So excited that I one. Your clips are adorable! (: Love the new styles too!! (:

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