Halloween Festivities & Kid Crafts

We’re getting excited for trick-or-treating tonight! But the festivities have been going on for a couple of weeks. Highlights:

Halloween fun at friend Vivian’s second birthday.

Pumpkin-carving party last Saturday

A ghost craft Jax and I did last night:

I asked if he wanted to glue black “eyes” on, and he enthusiastically asked for several, attaching them to the bottom.

Jax made this cute spiderweb at preschool.

The two of us made this bat last night. Tracing around his hands is something Jax loves to do, and he practiced cutting to make the border.

It’s Beginning to Look Like Halloween

This past Sunday we finally checked out the hugely popular Jack-o-Lantern Blaze, just minutes from our house. It was packed! I think Jax wasn’t too keen on staying in the stroller because it looked like so much fun to wander around the pumpkins. Unfortunately he wasn’t allowed to have free reign and patience was running low. Better luck next year! We did grab a couple of pictures, though.

Jack-o-Lantern Madness! Quite a spectacular show.

Sunflowers – all carved out of pumpkins.

It was really sweet how into the candles Jax was.

As we prepare for Halloween crafting and the like, I am reminded of the stuff I threw together last-minute for Halloween 2009. Jax will be able to participate much more in these projects, so more fun to come!