The kids’ room was clean this one time

While we’re on the decorating kick, how about a couple of shots of the kids’ room? It was all organized for about five minutes, so I took photos.

This room started out purple, which wasn’t really a problem, except that some of the paint on the exterior walls was beginning to chip. When we had the whole house repainted in January, we decided to switch it to a fun aqua color, which I think goes better with all of the baby and kids’ stuff we have. It’s bright and cheerful for little ones, but I could also see this color growing with them to some sort of surfer theme or what-have-you. This is a lighter version of the color I painted the closet last summer.

The toy storage cubbies are from Target (now discontinued, sadly – a more pricey but great-looking alternative are Via Boxes.) We lugged the ottoman from Fez, Morocco way back in 2004 (you buy it unstuffed and stuff it with newspapers when you get home). Jax’s “pirate treasure box” holds little cars and toys he doesn’t want Ben to get into.

A lot of these things ‚?? like the balloon and Eiffel Tower watercolors I painted ‚?? we’ve had since our apartment days in the city.

The print above is from a schedule for the Nouveau Casino, a hip music club in the Oberkampf section of Paris. Our friend Corry (who we lived with in Paris for a year) used it to wrap a gift for Jax, and I knew it would look great as wall d√©cor. I cut it to size and put it in an album frame purchased at Michael’s.

That latch-hook rug dates from my childhood: my wonderful Granddad and Granny made it for me when I was 3 or 4.

For more details on creating the fort bed, check out this post. Since this will be the boys’ shared room, eventually Jax will be up top and Ben on the bottom. Since the bottom “bunk” is simply a mattress on the floor, we can transition him to this bed relatively early. Even the top bunk is pretty low to the ground, so Jax could technically sleep up there ‚?? although he prefers the bottom. Realistically, he would most prefer being in our bed (a bit crowded with Ben in there most of the night). We love that we can lay down next to him and read stories as he goes to sleep. He comes into our room every morning around 5 or 6 to sleep another hour or two. He is sweet.

Those front-facing “bookshelves” are the ubiquitous Ikea Bekvam spice racks (four bucks each), attached with screws to the armoire. Along with the clip-on reading light, they are the perfect solution to reading in bed on the top bunk.

This awesome piece of art was a shower gift for Ben created by my college roommate, Michelle. I love it.

A new dress-up area with a collection of French children’s books on the shelf. The hooks are also useful for hanging outfits the night before preschool and daycare, to make our mornings a tad less hectic.

And there you have it! This room definitely gets crazy messy, but because everything has a home, it’s pretty easy to put toys and books back where they belong. Now we just need to get a certain 3-year-old into the habit of doing so…

Kalanchoe Renewed (for 3 bucks)

I picked up this kalanchoe plant for a party we had at our house last May, to celebrate my graduation. I neglected it for months on various bookshelves and yet it somehow managed to stay alive. I noticed its cute little white flowers were starting to bud, and I so thought I should give it another chance and pay better attention to it.

The flimsy, unsightly pot had to go, however, and it was clear that it was actually holding three individual plants that could be easily separated. I just grabbed three soup bowls I had picked up for a dollar each (in pre-kid days, breakable ones we weren’t using) and filled the bottoms with pebbles we had in the garage. This is essential for drainage.

I added some dirt, put one plant in each bowl, and then packed them in well before watering.

Looking better!