Kalanchoe Renewed (for 3 bucks)

I picked up this kalanchoe plant for a party we had at our house last May, to celebrate my graduation. I neglected it for months on various bookshelves and yet it somehow managed to stay alive. I noticed its cute little white flowers were starting to bud, and I so thought I should give it another chance and pay better attention to it.

The flimsy, unsightly pot had to go, however, and it was clear that it was actually holding three individual plants that could be easily separated. I just grabbed three soup bowls I had picked up for a dollar each (in pre-kid days, breakable ones we weren’t using) and filled the bottoms with pebbles we had in the garage. This is essential for drainage.

I added some dirt, put one plant in each bowl, and then packed them in well before watering.

Looking better!

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