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Hello, old friend!

I’ve finally made some long-overdue changes to the blog: I first started CraftyRachel after quickly coming up with a descriptive title for what I was up to: crafting of various kinds (including stuff for our wedding, and then a baby, and then a dissertation…) But I had always hoped to come up with something a tad less literal. Putting together a bunch of stuff to sell at a friend’s craft show last month finally gave me a deadline and an incentive to make a change and sort of re-brand myself. After a lot of brainstorming, one image kept returning: a color wheel. It’s bright and bold and unending and varying and unified and full of possibility. Since “colorwheel” was not available, I went with the French (roue de couleur), which was. Both the and sites take you to the same root site,

Oil Pastels

I have ornaments and menorahs and kites to talk about. And of course news from the little boys in my life, Jax and Ben. I hope you’ll stay tuned.

~ Rachel

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