It’s ours! I’m sorry I’ve been so secretive: in today’s market, I felt like buying this house wasn’t a sure thing until closing day, yesterday. We won’t be moving in until mid-June, so we still have 3 weeks of city life. We are so excited to begin this new chapter!




What a wonderful day! Thai food lunch with Seth and Corry (who’s visiting from Paris), then dessert at Magnolia bakery:


Then a trip to the Lion Brand Yarn Studio (where I picked up some bamboo yarn):


Then some afternoon shopping, a wonderful experience with a friend who will open doors, push the stroller, and entertain a cranky baby… Thanks Corry!

I was in the mood for French food for dinner, so we scoped out a couple of restaurants yesterday. We decided on Jean-Claude. It’s literally just down the street, incredibly reasonably priced, and authentic. I had: a salad of haricots verts & walnuts & bleu cheese, Steak-frites and a glass of Côtes du Rhone, tiramisu and a decaf cappuccino. Seth had onion soup, mussels (moules) and fries, some of the tiramisu and most of the wine.


A fantastic day. And of course I’m reminded of my 30th birthday, when I saw this just before hopping on a train from Paris to London:


and what he looked like in the park yesterday:




It’s officially summer. I turned in my grades, packed up the stroller and we took a huge walk to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), a fun Brooklyn neighborhood near our friends Meg and Steve’s place. We met up with said friends, as well as visiting friends from Portland and Paris. It was so, so awesome to see everyone, I’m too excited to sleep. Have I been up at 1:30am recently, and I mean without tending to a baby?


It’s wedding weekend, so tomorrow we are off to New Jersey to dress in our finest and party with locals. This is going to be great.

7 Months


Good morning! Guess who’s 7 months old?

The momentous event of this 7th month: a tooth! Last Tuesday we saw the first little slivers of the bottom left tooth, and now, a week and a half later, Jax is biting everything in sight. We think bottom tooth #2 may be on it’s way out too.

Yesterday after my class and meetings with students were over around 11:30, Seth and Jax met me at my office and we took an impromptu stroll along the West Side Highway (our favorite go-to spot in nice weather). Our now 7-month old can ride in the baby carrier in Seth’s back, so we didn’t even need a stroller and Seth had no trouble carrying him.

Swinging in Washington Square Park

“Sipping” ice tea at Financier Pâtisserie by the marina in Battery Park…

I love the concentration face!



Hanging out with Dad and his sweet Blueblockers in Battery Park, watching the preparations for the Tribeca Film Festival

The 74-degree weather kept us out, and we didn’t get back until around 8:30pm! We walked from Battery Park across to City Hall, over to the South Street Seaport, up the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge, through Chinatown (the *real* one, where strawberries are $1 a box and fish markets with fishtanks line the sidewalks), the Lower East Side, what’s left of Little Italy, and then back home through SoHo.  Seth and I have sunburns (don’t worry, we kept the babe covered up) and my legs are sore, but we hear it’s going to be in the 80s today…so back out we’ll go! This time bringing more picnic gear, the stroller, sunscreen, and Seth’s skateboard.

But first… 7 photos of last night’s 7-month birthday yogurt feast:








Another Street Find


See anything new?

We rented a car on Saturday to scope out our new (fingers crossed!) neighborhood. It must have been a great day for a garage sale because there seemed to be leftover used goods all along some of the streets. Lo and behold, this lovely all-wood highchair hadn’t sold and was sitting on the curb. We made it fit in the trunk and voilà! Jax has a highchair a little sooner than we thought he would.

{He had been using the Bumbo seat from Aunt Renée at mealtime until this week.}

But will it work? The answer, in photos:




Seeing the Trees for the Forest

urbanforestcorbettcarri urbanforestkirschjesseCheck out these awesome downloadable posters from the Urban Forest Project. I didn’t even know about this exhibition, which took place in Times Square in August 2006, just as we were leaving New York for Paris. One hundred eighty-five artists and designers took the theme of the tree to raise awareness about the importance of forests. The giant banners were then recycled into bags designed by Jack Spade. Pretty cool.

Via an old post by Sweet Jessie.

Visiting with Grandparents


Grandma Carol and Grandpa Ron are in town this weekend. We’ve been having a nice time eating out, hanging out, and gushing over the cute things Jax does.

Today we spent the afternoon in Central Park.

Set for a sunny, 65-degree day.

But first we had some lunch and some cool presents.


…including baby’s first Converse:



We walked past the Met on the way to the park.


After entering, we looked at our own feet for a while and then checked out the park renovations.


We’re thinking about moving in if we don’t start having better luck in our house hunt.