My Handwriting

Two photos today: one as student of Patrick Weil‘s course on the 5th Republic back in 2003:

(I still use these notes to prepare lectures – brought them with me to class just today!)

and one as prof:

Red, erasable editor’s pencil always in hand, I finished grading the essay portion of my students’ midterms last night. This student did a pretty good job answering my broad question about “France face à ‘l’autre'”  (France confronting the “other”) – covering the period of 1900-1958. I used to use a variety of colored pens to grade, always avoiding red as my dad always does, but Seth brought home a bunch of boxes of these pencils when he worked at Fortune, and I was hooked on them, mostly because I can erase and change my comments, which I always second-guess. It’s old school needing the pencil sharpener, but my 3.5-year-old assistant is only too eager to help me complete that task.